Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sling Shift

Well, another Cooper-Young Festival has come and gone - the 3rd one that Mothersville has experienced as a CY business and the first one where we've actually had our own booth as well. The expansion of the festival definitely brought a lot more people by the store and I had a great time meeting so many new new mamas and their families. And of course, it's always a twisted sort of fun to hear people walk by and see the sling-wearing mannequin and proclaim things like, "Oh, that baby's gonna fall out!" or "I wish they'd had those when I'd had babies!" Maybe some year I'll make a sign that says "It's worked for the whole of human evolution, it'll work for you, too!"

And just in case you were worried that all the festival fun was over, come on in an enjoy the post-fest clearance sale. I was hoping we'd move a lot more clothing (instead, most folks wanted one of those fancy slings), so now I've got a whole gigantic rack full of summer and fall mama clothes all steamed up and ready to go. At 40% off! It's mostly nursing and transitional clothing (pregnant now? plan ahead!), but I have an entire rack of maternity suits and tops as well, all marked from $5-20.

So come on now, I need to make room for the shipment of organic baby clothes and toys, and the unbearably pretty new Petunia Picklebottom bags.

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