Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Best Fest

(sniff, sniff)

Can you smell that? The combined aroma of corndogs, face paint and hemp? It can only mean one thing: the Cooper Young Festival is this Saturday!

We're very excited this year, because the festival is branching all the way down to the trestle at York and Cooper. That means we're now in the festival proper, instead of just the high-traffic overflow. It also means that we've got an actual, factual booth, which will be jam-packed with super-duper clearance sale items (40% off sunscreen, bug spray, nursing tops and swimsuits!) and some great deals on fall/winter apparel for mamas and little ones alike (come early to grab one of the $30 maternity suits!).

As a new mom, I know that I was a little reluctant to schlep out to CY Fest with my wee one. It's crowded, hot and doesn't really cater to the pre-pre-school crowd. But that's where we come in! Come join us for our own BabyFest, where you'll find a clean changing area, a comfortable place to nurse, indoor toys for the tiny ones and close proximity to a new stage featuring some of the finest acoustic musicians in Memphis (like Kim Richardson @ 2:30!). We'll also have a babywearing workshop (time TBA), a bevy of new literature in the resource area and FREE COLD WATER (doesn't sound like a big deal, but just wait until that noontime suns starts bouncing off Cooper and the line for Coletta's is stretching toward Meda).

So come by to check out the new stuff and chill out the little stuff. It's our neighborhood party, and y'all are the best neighbors ever!


Stephanie said...

When is the babywearing workshop? We trying to figure out when to head down there, and that might make the decision for us!

RJA said...

I smell something.

Stacey Greenberg said...

you have the best cold water in the neighborhood hands down.

thanks for being there!