Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And We're Back ...

Sorry for the unexplained hiatus, there, folks. Apparently something about this blog got the Blogger spam-bots all worked up and they locked us down while they could complete a review and verify that it is in fact a human being spitting out these random blurbs. I guess maybe that 600% spike in traffic that we got after being linked to MemphisBlogger may have looked suspicious.

In other news, today is my daughter's 3rd birthday! At this time, three years ago, I was ... well, I'm not sure. Napping, probably. And wishing the nurses would stop asking me if I'd peed yet. And thinking that I would never, ever, ever have another child ever. Ev. Er.

I never tell other parents how fast the time flies. They'll find that out on their own, once they start getting more than 19 minutes of REM sleep a week. Besides, it's not all fast. There are many long, long moments along the way. The mantra I frequently tell new moms is "the days are slow but the months are quick," and they look at me with this flash of agreement and relief. There are so many days that stretch out in front of you like a Navy SEAL obstacle course, with every rope bridge suspended over a moat of bodily fluids. But then you suddenly look at a calendar and realize that you're halfway to having a one-year-old. Or a kindergartener. Or another driver on your car insurance.

And then, for no very good reason at all, you start sort of wanting another one. Not with the abject desire and naive delusions of a childless adult, but with the wariness and stubbornness and cut-wide-open heart that only a parent can bear.

Or so I hear.

Happy birthday to us, Miss M. I love you. And since you can't read, I'll tell you that later, too.

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Stacey Greenberg said...


Happy belated bday to Miss M. How was the dance party?

And is this your nordic way of saying you're TTC? :)