Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pirates of the Carob-Bean

I wish my daughter were old enough to appreciate all of the pirate hype going on right now, because that would probably make it much easier to get her to wear her eye patch. After being diagnosed with a mild case of strabismus (or lazy eye, to use the relatively benign but nonetheless mama-irritating vernacular), M. was instructed to wear a patch over her stronger eye for 2-3 hours a day. Or more accurately, her parents were instructed to convince a headstrong two-year-old that putting a large sticker over her eye and leaving it on for extended periods of time would be fun fun fun.

So far, our success has been mixed. I followed some advice I read online and ordered a few different types of patches in patterns I thought she would like - namely: ladybugs, stars and princess crowns - so she can pick out what she wants to wear. If we can make it all the way to the patch-picking, we're pretty much set. The problem comes when we ask her to choose an "eye sticker" and she just flat out says no, she's not putting one on. If she's determined not to wear one, there's really nothing we can do. Even if we wanted to wrestle her to the floor, forcefully close her eye and accurately position a very sticky piece of medical adhesive to her face, she'd pull the little sucker off the minute we let her go.

I guess there are those who would argue that we need to assert our authority and superior judgment and just make her wear the dang thing regardless, employing harsh punishments and minor acts of torture as needed, but I'm really trying to avoid turning this into an Amnesty International case. Some days she wears the patch for 3 hours, some days she wears it for half an hour, some days not at all. I figure that the pediatric opthamologists factor this level of compliance into their recommendations in the first place, just like the dietitians who tell us to eat 5 servings of vegetables a day in the hopes that we'll manage 2-3. I'm trying to believe that we're teaching her about taking responsibility for her own health, that her body is a relevant source of information. And that girl pirates are super cool.


Stacey Greenberg said...

can't you download some pics of johnny depp or something? better yet, maybe you could call orlando bloom next week when you are in california and get him to come over and show M how cool it is to be a pirate.

Mothersville said...

Yeah, sure. Orlando Bloom is over and all I can think to have him do is instruct the child in nautical eyewear?

RJA said...

Why don't you and Mr. Mothersville wear patches in the evenings? She might want to if you are. Then invite us over for dinner so the kids from Urf! can watch you guys poking yourselves in the face with forks.

andrea said...

My son is 5 and just got diagnosed with Amblyopia. (same thing basically) He has to wear glasses now. But he wears the patch without, so he needs the patch with a strap. There are a few sites out there that have some cute print fabric patches. I let my son pick his out. It helped. Plus he is a boy, and can play Playstation, orders from his he was pretty happy about it.
look under eyepatches.

Kristy said...

In no way is Orlanda Bloom ever "better" than Johnny Depp!