Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Official New Mom Shoe

Anyone walking by the front of the store lately may have noticed that, even though our mannequins don't have any feet, they now have some cool new shoes. Thanks to Diego, a local rep for The San Miguel Shoe Co., we are now featuring their line of "cocktail/combat sandals." I foolishly thought that a parenting store wouldn't have a need for footwear, but as Diego astutely pointed out, new moms experience a lot of changes in their feet and are perfectly suited for San Miguel's super-comfortable shoes. I was still a little skeptical, but because Diego was so darn nice (and apparently married to a customer - anyone want to claim him?), I agreed to put the shoes on display and see what happened. And of course, as soon as he left the store, I tried a pair on.

Now, I'm used to product vendors making me a lot of promises, but when Diego said that these were the most comfortable shoes I'd ever try on, he was telling the truth. They're wonderful! The soft suede footbed makes you feel like you're putting on a velvet slipper and the wide, stretchy bands provide a custom fit (even when your feet and ankles are changing shape on an hourly basis). The shock-absorbing heels are easy on stressed-out joints like knees and hips. Plus they're stylish enough to dress up for date night. These shoes are great! And people have been asking about them ever since I put them out.

We currently have two styles on display, but San Miguel offers more than 20 styles and over 100 colors. We can get any size, style and color you'd like. Come by and see what your feet are missing!


RJA said...

I'm almost too sickened and horrified to find out what you did with those mannequins' feet.

Kristy said...

Awesome! Shoes are always the hardest part of late pregnancy with the foot swelling going on. Those are really cute, too. Much better than over-sized Keds with the laces untied.