Tuesday, August 01, 2006

National Nurse Out: Wednesday, Aug. 2nd, 2006

Happy World Breastfeeding Week, everybody! In the spirit of celebration and education, ProMoM has organized a National Nurse-Out. We don't mean your regular routine; we mean go out specifically to nurse in public! ProMoM hopes that by promoting the image of breastfeeding in this way, more people will accept breastfeeding as a natural everyday occurrence and the normal way to feed infants and young children. We also want to encourage expecting mothers by showing them that it is possible to breastfeed in public without anyone being embarrassed.

Come and join us! Meet up at the Wolfchase mall play area over by Sears at 3pm on Wednesday Aug. 2nd to support breastfeeding. (Or if that's too hectic for you, plop down on a bench outside Motherhood or Mimi Maternity.)

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