Thursday, October 18, 2007


You've been baby's first birthday.

Hooray for scoring a ticket out of the house and into an afternoon (or for your really daring parenting types) an evening of fun!

The downside? What on earth do you buy for a child who would soon as wear wrapping paper than appreciate the gift inside?

Confronted with this quandry, SAHM Debbie Chialtas came up with a solution. A clever crafter, Debbie whipped up some homemade soap while pregnant with her first child. More than pleased with the results, she hit upon her now famous soapcicle - adorable, popcicle-shaped glycerin soaps that make bathtime all the more enjoyable. Mothersville is pleased to offer the nostalgia-trip inducing Bomb Blaster, the Neapolitan and a wide assortment of "flavors" that are just ridiculously cute. For those Halloween babes, the candy corn soapcicle has arrived just in time!

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